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A Family Affair!

Brooklea is situated in the beautiful Hunter Valley, 3 hours from Sydney and about an hour or so from Newcastle. We are close enough to many small townships with access to shops and stores, and far enough way to not have the hustle and bustle of living in town.

I am the eldest of 3, and both my Mum and myself have the most to do with horses. My first pony was a Welsh Section B, Merrylegs, and soon after I got my first "big" horse, a few spot appaloosa. That was when my love affair with these spotted beauties began.                  Photo: Amy and Buddy

I was mainly drawn to the breed because of their love and affection they bring, (also because of my Buddy - he is the world to me). They have such a great personality that sets them apart from any other breed. No two Appys are the same, both in colour and personality.. through temperaments are usually the same, docile and general a peoples horse.

I don't think we ever intended to breed and train large horses, though we had been breeding Welshies for a good few years. Originally it had only been Buddy my Few Spot, but on the way home from a NSW State Show, we took a detour and purchased Scout. That's where it really began. Scout was in foal, so the three of us were expected Mothers, and then 2 years after Scout had her foal, Jackson, we brought another Performance Appaloosa, Jasper. Since we started being involved with Appaloosa in 2003, we never thought they could bring us so much happiness.... and so much sadness.

I have always been dedicated to my horses, wether it be feeding, rugging, watering, handling riding or just simply saying hello in the paddock. This love for these wonderful creatures made my career choice as simple as, well... horses!

I began as a Youth competitor, and my first year out of Youtrh was 2007/2008 and I did not compete due to E.I. I hope to get back out into the show ring either as a Amature or as an Open Rider, depending on what direction I take. Mum hopes to compete in both Halter and Saddle events, and I hope I can begin training our young horses and debut their showing career in 2009/2010. Our hope is to breed quality bred Appaloosa with excellent temperaments with the ability to be taken into any field and stand in the spot light as an quality performance horse and friend.

And so starts the beginning of a new chapter.......









Brooklea Appaloosa

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Our Spotties

We pride our selves on our Appaloosas, we don't have many, but the ones we have are close to our heart and have provided a huge amount of love and pride within us. No two Appys are the same, each have their special quirks and attributes. Our Appys are our pride and joy, and we hope the breed brings a bit of joy into your life.

Amoung the love and happinessthese spotted horses bring, we have sadly had our share of sadness and unhappiness.

Buddy My Boy is the inspiration for us, he showed us the way to the breed that brings out the best in us and so doing, helps us bring out the best in them. He sadly went on ahead to the Ranbow Bridge in June of 2008. He will be missed, and his spirit will live on within each of us.

"He is my pride and joy, and forever I will hold him in my heart"

- Amy Bright